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Birthdate:Feb 24
character played at [community profile] paixaorpg by [personal profile] shadowspirit

Character: Ma
Series: The Lion King
Version: 1 ½, before she finds Timon.
Age: Midlife in meerkat years.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero. She had Timon, after all.

Ma looks like any other meerkat, same cream/tan fur patterns, same brown stripes across her back, same big brown nose (though hers is a bit small, actually), same tuff of red on her head. Okay, so the last bit may just run in the family. Otherwise, she has more meat on her than most of the meerkats, and she’s a little on the short side, though it may only be because she keeps more scrunched up. Likely she’s around six inches in length (including her tail) and two pounds in weight, give or take. Otherwise, her eyes are green.

As a mother, she believes her son can do anything (even if it’s been proven otherwise). She’s determined that Timon can fit in, but allows him to go and find what he’s looking for. She can be overprotective of him (especially with how her husband), but she is also capable of relenting and letting him find his own path… after a bit.

Ma wears her heart on her sleeve. Her face gives away what’s on her mind pretty easily, and she’s always expressive in some way – sharing similar expressions to Timon (you can see where he gets some of it).

She often assumes the worst in situations, which is generally when it comes to Timon. Death, or worse (whatever that means). So while she does have “absolute faith” in him, she also… doesn’t.

Like Timon, she can be loud. She’ll make absolute sure her point gets across, and she can be brave… except in the face of hyenas. And likely she’ll hate lions too, since she might not be meeting them from Timon’s perspective (hopefully she does).

Ma can dig. It’s a talent most meerkats have. She does have muscle to her bulk,, since she is able to take Rafiki’s staff from him and wallop him with it. She also has a knack for choking the ever living life out of Timon. She has a knack for easily scaling surfaces thanks to non-retractable claws and due to her size, she can easily find places to fit into in order to hide. And she is well-accustomed to hiding from all her years of escaping the grasp of hyenas.

With use of her tail, she can stand upright. And using the “scurry, sniff, flinch” method, she knows how to keep an eye out for prey.

…Ma is a meerkat. She’s tiny in size and you could probably kill her by stepping on her. Her physical weaknesses are rather obvious, not to mention lifespan. Mentally, she’d do anything for her son. If he’s in danger, she’ll flip out and go into panic-mode, assuming the worst, and acting rashly. She’s also willing to defend him as best she can at all times, and… well, it’s Timon. He’s not the best at making friends, so that’ll probably weigh down on her.

Also, she’s grass intolerant. Yeah. Can’t digest the stuff.

Ma became a single parent not long after her son was born, her husband being rather accident prone. The life of a meerkat is simple. Dig tunnels so that they could hide from hyenas and then… dig more tunnels. There wasn’t much else they could do, as, well, the rest of the landscape was already taken by someone! While Ma was alright with their way of life, Timon… wasn’t so much. There weren’t many things that he could properly, and though she was sure he could find a way to fit in… it’s becoming hard on both of them.

Then she gets it in her head that Timon could become a sentry! …That doesn’t quite go according to plan, either. She’s heartbroken when she sees him depressed. At last, she stops trying to convince him of how he can find some way to fit in, and gives him her blessing on his journey (while choking him).

Fortunately or unfortunately, Ma encounters Rafiki, who tells her where he directed her son. Certain that Timon is off dying somewhere, she too leaves home in search of him, along with Uncle Max.

That is when she eventually finds herself in Paixao, but that’d be the shortest history ever, so we’re going to continue with the rest of the story.

…which isn’t actually much. BUT.

They find Timon at Pride Rock while the battle of Simba vs. Scar is going down. Burrow right up into him, actually. Ma meets Pumbaa, but introductions are short because Simba is in need of help. She proudly listens to Timon, who has a plan to help out his friends, though she can’t quite put a finger on what seems… different about him (it isn’t the dress, Uncle Max -.-).

Uncle Max and herself dig tunnels under the hyenas as quickly as they can while Timon and Pumbaa stall for time. But their trap gets caught up and doesn’t go off, so she watches in terror as Timon risks his life and dives majestically into the tunnel system to set the trap off and valiantly rescue the three of them (that’s totally how she saw it). The hyenas are dealt with, Scar is out of the picture… but where’s Timon?! HE COULD BE DEAD.

Well. Thankfully he isn’t. He surfaces behind her and she… rings the life out of him and cleans him up, like a good mother should. Timon then takes them to their new home where the whole meerkat clan can live in peace, free of those menacing hyenas. Presumably she lived the rest of her life there while Timon went off to help Simba out with Kiara.

But again, she arrives in Paixao while she’s still trying to find Timon.
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